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Scrum for Teams by Innovel

Accelerate Agile adoption with Scrum for Teams training

Scrum team training with lego Innovel

Ready your team members to adopt Scrum and Agile together


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Scrum for Teams training is fun and engaging training. Participants learn by doing activities, discussing real scenarios and collaborating with team members on exercises. Unlike most corporate training, Scrum for Teams is an interactive workshop, using proven adult learning methods that improve retention by stimulating the rational, physical, emotional, and social facets of participants. Our goal is to provide team members with information and confidence to implement Scrum in your company right after training. 

Participants will learn Agile principles, the Scrum framework, the Scrum roles, and how to implement Scrum through enjoyable exercises, problem solving, case studies, and round table discussion.

Scrum for Teams is usually a one day training. Clients often combine this one day team training with a half day Scrum with Lego simulation. The simulation allows team members and management to try using Scrum in a fun, hands on way to practice the techniques and learn about common pitfalls in a safe environment.

Innovel trainers are very highly regarded experts who have been using Scrum since 2002 and teaching it since 2006.

Over 90% of all Innovel students “definitely recommend” Innovel’s training to their colleagues. In fact our our biggest business is repeat customers getting training for others within their company.

Looking for some quick reading on Scrum to share with your teams? Here is a free Scrum Guide. Reading is one thing, doing is an entirely different matter. Innovel Scrum for Teams training provides a common experience, a new set of tools and team bonding activity. It opens the door on a more effective way to work and complete projects that team members will appreciate.

We guarantee our Scrum for Teams workshop will be an engaging experience that will give your teams the knowledge and confidence to start implementing Scrum and Agile on their projects.


Contact us for a quote for onsite Scrum for Teams training for your teams and organization.

Testimonials from previous Innovel Scrum training attendees:

Team training

Collaborative teamwork

“I was very impressed by your teaching methods. I wish I could attend more training you offered – maybe in the future. Again, thank you very much – it was surely an awesome class and well worth the money.”

Max Aulakh

“Thank you very much for the class. It really helped structuring book knowledge and answer unanswered questions. Our team is very excited about Scrum now and we can see improvements already. That’s so cool!”

Dmitry Antonov

“Great training last Thursday/Friday. I was telling folks at work about how much I enjoyed/learned. They are interested. Do you have any plans of returning to Charleston SC for training in the next 6 months?”

Gerald Auger 

“First of all, once more I want to thank you for two outstanding days of training. Had a lot of fun and got many new insights. Really liked the discussions with you and the others. Thank you for that.”

Jan Verstrepen

“Thanks for the great class instruction Robin. I enjoyed it very much and found it very useful.”

Ron Hagopian


Innovel Scrum for Teams Workshop Includes:

  • Continental breakfast, lunch and beverages
  • Scrum guide
  • Static post-it notes!
  • A PDF Soft copy of the course materials
  • Recommended reading list
  • PDFs, videos, and links for further learning

Need a one page PDF about the Scrum for Teams training? Download it here.

Your instructor Robin Dymond CST is an in demand international consultant and a leading Scrum Trainer with 26 years in the software industry and 14 years of experience using Scrum. He has founded and run software startups, raised Venture Capital, and also worked with large companies looking for better results. He has trained over 4000 people in Europe, Canada, Brazil and USA. He has given numerous presentations on implementing Scrum in large complex organizations at Agile conferences in the USA and Europe since 2006.
Instructor head shot

Robin Dymond CST


Contact us for a quote for onsite Scrum for Teams training for your teams and organization.

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