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Certified Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing (CSM) Course

Change Your Game with Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing.

scrum for hardware and manufacturing  course

Learn Scrum, the framework Tesla uses to deliver next generation products quickly.


How are companies like Tesla, Apple and Google applying software development process to deliver hardware products? Why are companies like Ford transitioning to these techniques? As the importance of speed, innovation and customer satisfaction increase, companies are turning to Agile and Scrum. Manufacturing, telco engineering, hardware development, physical product development are different from software. Scrum can provide excellent benefits for these hardware and manufacturing industries however those differences require a different hardware friendly approach.

Our Certified Scrum for hardware and manufacturing course is unique. All of the examples, stories, and case studies are from the equipment, aviation, automotive, electronics or medical device product development. We take you through how Scrum can be applied in design, prototyping and production environments. We show you how Scrum will change your thinking about everything from procurement to production line design and setup.

We don’t just cover Scrum in this course as Agile is broader then the Scrum framework. We cover product engineering and architecture ideas that enable rapid development, including test driven development, object oriented design and interface patterns as they apply to hardware. We look at set based design and the techniques Toyota used to develop the Prius in 2.5 years.

team work hardware for scrum training

Solving for a workable Definition of Done.

Lean thinking is critically important in manufacturing and we look at how Scrum and Lean complement each other to increase speed, quality and the pace of improvement in work systems.

Innovel’s Certified Scrum training for Hardware and Manufacturing is a 3 day course that meets the Scrum Alliance’s Certified Scrum Master® (CSM) learning objectives and certification is an option for everyone participating in the training.

Our Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing training is fun and engaging. Our courses are highly interactive workshops where participants learn by doing, discussing, playing and debating. Our instructors have engineering degrees and understand the differences between software and hardware worlds.

Over 90% of all Innovel students “definitely recommend” Innovel’s training to their colleagues. In fact our our biggest business is repeat customers getting training for others within their company.

The course covers far more than the basics of Scrum as outlined by the Scrum Alliance. Our goal is to provide you with concrete ideas you can implement the day after in your company. Our students learn how to implement Scrum with an Agile mindset, so they can adapt to the many possible issues that will arise. When you leave our Certified Scrum for hardware and manufacturing course you will have a new set of tools and a more effective way to do work and complete product development wherever your career takes you. Recommended reading for individuals interested taking the exam is the Certified Scrum Master Study Guide. Note that both this guide and the exam are about Scrum in a software context. 

Object Oriented H/W Interface

Object oriented interface. Only 6 bolts to mount wheel, brakes suspension module. (courtesy Wikispeed)

scrum car build party collage

Build a car in a day using Scrum!

Enhance your training with these options:

  • Combine Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing with our Scrum Simulation with LEGOs to engage staff in a fun and hands on experience using Scrum.
  • Take your training to the next level with a build party where we build a 100mpg Wikispeed car in a day with Scrum! Contact us for more details.

CSM seal






We guarantee our Certified Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing workshop will be an engaging experience that will give you the knowledge and confidence to start implementing Scrum and Agile in your plant or organization.


Contact us for a quote for onsite Certified Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing (CSM) course for your teams and organization.

Testimonials from previous Innovel Certified Scrum Master attendees:


“I was very impressed by your teaching methods. I wish I could attend more training you offered over agile management – maybe in the future. Again, thank you very much – it was surely an awesome class and well worth the money.”

Max Aulakh

“Thank you very much for the class. It really helped structuring book knowledge and answer unanswered questions. Our team is very excited about Scrum now and we can see improvements already. That’s so cool!”

Dmitry Antonov

“Great training last Thursday/Friday. I was telling folks at work about how much I enjoyed/learned. They are interested. Do you have any plans of returning to Charleston SC for training in the next 6 months?”

Gerald Auger 

“First of all, once more I want to thank you for two outstanding days of training. Had a lot of fun and got many new insights. Really liked the discussions with you and the others. Thank you for that.”

Jan Verstrepen

“Thanks for the great class instruction Robin. I enjoyed it very much and found it very useful.”

Ron Hagopian

Only trainers the Scrum Alliance recognizes as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) may lead a CSM course. There are approximately 200 people worldwide who hold the CST credential. Innovel has had Certified Scrum Trainers on staff since 2007. There are only a few CSTs worldwide with experience doing Scrum for hardware and manufacturing training.

team discussion

Collaborative Coursework.


Innovel Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing CSM Workshop Includes:

  • Continental breakfast, lunch and beverages
  • Booklet of the course materials
  • Soft copy of the course materials
  • User story writing cheat sheet
  • Photographs of workshop and created materials
  • Static post-it notes
  • Two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance
  • Access to CSM Exam*
  • Recommended reading list
  • CSM exam review guide
  • PDFs, videos, and links for further learning

*Requires full attendance and participation

CSM 4 HW training manual cover

Innovel Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing CSM course manual



Your instructor Robin Dymond CST is an in demand international consultant and a leading Scrum Trainer with 26 years in technology and 14 years of experience using Scrum. He has trained hardware and manufacturing product teams in Scrum. In 2016 Robin completed in the first ever Scrum in Hardware course for Agile and Scrum trainers with Joe Justice of Wikispeed and Scrum Inc.

Since 2006 Robin has trained over 4000 people in Europe, Canada, Brazil and USA. He has given numerous presentations on implementing Scrum in large complex organizations at Agile conferences in the USA and Europe. A fan of high performance driving and autocross, he prefers his cars small, easy to work on and very fast.


Joe Justice of Wikispeed and Scruminc (L) and Robin Dymond of Innovel (R) after workshop with Boeing


Contact us for a quote for onsite Certified Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing (CSM) course for your teams and organization.

The CSM designation the world's leading Agile certification. Our Certified Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing (CSM) customizes the excellent CSM training specifically for the hardware and manufacturing context. The CSM is a popular employment requirement to participate or lead an Agile or Scrum team. The CSM is also the start of the journey and is a pre-requisite for a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), the Certified Team Coach (CTC) and the Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC).

Currently we are offering Certified Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing (CSM) courses onsite to clients so teams train and learn together. We will provide the course onsite if you have a group of 12 or more. We can tailor some of the material and examples so they are more relevant to your situation. Contact us for more information.

The Certified Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing (CSM) course is 3 days. We need a room that can accommodate tables of 4 to 6 people sitting in groups. We will provide a logistics document that details the setup requirements.

If you are not satisfied at the end of a course, let us know. We'll work with hard for you to ensure you are satisfied. There's many options so contact us and let us know. You will help us improve.

The vast majority of attendees do obtain certification. There are a few reasons someone may not achieve CSM status after a course:

  • They did not meet the trainer’s expectations of attendance so they are ineligible for CSM status.
  • They did not complete the homework assigned to make up for missed course time to the trainer's expectations.
  • After the training they did not follow directions in the Welcome email from the Scrum Alliance inviting them to set up a profile to gain access to the online CSM test.
  • After setting up a profile, they did not complete and/or pass the online CSM test administered by the Scrum Alliance.

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