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Scrum Simulation with LEGO: Learn Scrum through games

Simulate, learn, improve and have fun with Scrum for LEGO

lego for scrum in progress

Scrum is simple in theory, more difficult in practice.

lego for scrum teamworkOur Scrum with Lego exercise is an indepth simulation for both Scrum and muli-team scaled Scrum. In this simulation teams try out Scrum to collaboratively build a product. Participants take on the Scrum roles, work with the Product Owner to understand the vision and high level features, then co-create and refine the Product Backlog. Teams estimate the work then plan and execute Sprints. During the simulation teams must discover and deal with dependencies, clarify understanding of what needs to be built, and work together to deliver new functionality each sprint.

The Scrum with Lego allows teams to try out Scrum in the form of a fun game that helps them understand how to do Scrum. The simulation, with its compressed timeline and short cycles makes common problems that new Scrum teams struggle with very obvious. The simulation accelerates learning and emphasizes why Scrum can be both easy to understand and difficult to execute.

scrum with lego sprint planning

Teams co-planning work for Sprint 1

Multi-team Scrum usually requires a different organizational structure either single team Scrum or the previous organizational design. The Scrum with Lego simulation can be used to model the impact of different organizational designs. The organizational designs can be compared and evaluated quantitatively and qualitatively immediately. Lines of communication, multiple projects per team and other organizational “realities” can also be modeled and their impact measured and felt by the participants.

Fun is a key ingredient, and so is learning and practicing in a safe environment where the emphasis is more on trying different things and seeing the results. That this is a game allows people to challenge conventional wisdom and see if the change makes an improvement or not without investing in the real change. This can provide courage and confidence to change long standing organizational dysfunction.

The Scrum with Lego simulation is usually a half day. Clients often combine Scrum with Lego simulation with other training, such as the one day Scrum for Teams training. the two day certified Scrum Master course or the Lean and Agile for managers course.

Innovel trainers are very highly regarded experts who have been using Scrum since 2002 and teaching it since 2006.

Over 90% of all Innovel students “definitely recommend” Innovel’s training to their colleagues. In fact our our biggest business is repeat customers getting training for others within their company.

Looking for some quick reading on Scrum to share with your teams? Here is a free Scrum Guide. Reading is one thing, doing is an entirely different matter. Innovel’s Scrum Simulation with LEGO provides a unique experience, practice at using Scrum and a team bonding activity. It inspires and lends confidence to for making the switch to Scrum and staff appreciate the classic

We guarantee our Scrum Simulation with LEGO will be a fun, interesting and enlightening experience that will give your staff confidence to start trying Scrum and Agile in their organization.


Contact us for a quote for onsite Scrum Simulation with LEGO for your teams and organization.

Testimonials from previous Innovel Scrum training attendees

lego for scrum teams working

Multi-team Scrum Simulation

“I was very impressed by your teaching methods. I wish I could attend more training you offered – maybe in the future. Again, thank you very much – it was surely an awesome class and well worth the money.”

Max Aulakh

“Thank you very much for the class. It really helped structuring book knowledge and answer unanswered questions. Our team is very excited about Scrum now and we can see improvements already. That’s so cool!”

Dmitry Antonov

“Great training last Thursday/Friday. I was telling folks at work about how much I enjoyed/learned. They are interested. Do you have any plans of returning to Charleston SC for training in the next 6 months?”

Gerald Auger 

“First of all, once more I want to thank you for two outstanding days of training. Had a lot of fun and got many new insights. Really liked the discussions with you and the others. Thank you for that.”

Jan Verstrepen

“Thanks for the great class instruction Robin. I enjoyed it very much and found it very useful.”

Ron Hagopian


Innovel Scrum Simulation with LEGO Workshop Includes:

  • Refreshments
  • LEGO kits for each team
  • Post-it notes, markers and other supplies 


Contact us for a quote for onsite Scrum Simulation with LEGO for your teams and organization.

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