Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) Course

Learn how to create customer focused solutions with Innovel’s Certified Scrum Product Owner certification training

CSPO story mapping

Make responding to markets and better business results your new normal.

cspo biz case presentationTaking Certified Scrum Product Owner® training from Innovel is fun and engaging. Our courses are highly interactive workshops where participants learn by doing, discussing, playing and debating. Innovel trainers are very highly regarded experts who have been using Scrum since 2002 and teaching it since 2006.

Over 90% of all Innovel students “definitely recommend” Innovel’s training to their colleagues. In fact our our biggest business is repeat customers getting training for others within their company.

Certified Scrum Product Owner Training by Innovel will show you how to effectively work with a Scrum team to take a product from idea to implementation. While we cover Scrum basics, this course focuses on Agile Product Management, Lean Startup, working with stakeholders, prioritization, reducing risk and maximizing business value. If you want to learn Scrum we recommend the Certified Scrum Master® Course.

We will go from business case to product backlog, using practical techniques that Product Owners can apply on their next working day. We write user stories, create two dimensional backlogs in the form of user story maps, do release planning, and deal with changes to the plan. You will learn real world examples, case studies and the unique perspectives of your fellow students as you collaborate.

The course covers more than the basics as outlined by the Scrum Alliance. Our goal is to provide you with concrete tools you can implement the day after training in your company. Our students learn how to succeed with an Agile mindset, so they can handle the many changes in directions as they arise. When you leave an Innovel Certified Scrum Product Owner course you will have a new set of tools and a more effective way to achieve product and project success wherever your career takes you.

We guarantee our Certified Scrum Product Owner® workshop will be an engaging experience that will give you the knowledge and confidence to to lead your next project or product development effort using Scrum.


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Testimonials from previous Innovel Certified Product Owner® (CSPO) attendees:

“I wanted to express my thanks to your enthusiasm and dedication to making this class valuable. I have attended many training classes in my career and I believe this is one of the best classes I have taken.  The skills and concepts learned in this class will be immediately put to use and are applicable for anyone involved in software development projects.”

Glen Berger

Business case presentation

Team Business Case Presentation during CSPO in Poznan, Poland.

“Thank you very much for your wonderful class and the materials. It is a great class. I thought of taking [Product Ownership] as my future career path. I learned a lot from your inspiring presentations, interesting activities and discussions. Thank you very much for your time and efforts.”

Xueming Wu

“Having this occasion I wanted to thank you again for the training in Krakow. Really, the best training I’ve ever been to. Lots of possibilities to not only learn by your mind but, what is most important to me, to feel what empowerment means and the true power of a team. It was a great, unforgettable training!”

Lukasz Swierczynski

“Interesting engaging knowledge that is difficult to find in books. Answers for questions with real life examples, concentrated on practical knowledge and tips.”

“I would certainly recommend this course because it structures and builds further the knowledge of Scrum and presents persuasive business cases, supporting its implementation.”

Attendees from Warsaw 2013

Only trainers the Scrum Alliance recognizes as a Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) may lead a CSPO course.

Innovel CSPO Workshop Includes:

  • Continental breakfast, lunch and beverages
  • Two-year membership in the Scrum Alliance
  • Certification as a CSPO*
  • Booklet of the course materials
  • User story writing cheat sheet
  • Static post-it notes!
  • Soft copy of the course materials
  • Recommended reading list
  • PDFs, videos, and links for further learning

*Requires full attendance and participation

CSPO course materials.

CSPO course materials

Need a one page PDF about the Certified Scrum Product Owner Training? Download it here.

Your instructor Robin Dymond CST is an in demand international consultant and a leading Scrum Trainer with 26 years in the software industry and 14 years of experience using Scrum. He has founded and run software startups, raised Venture Capital, and also worked with large companies looking for better results. He has trained over 4000 people in Europe, Canada, Brazil and USA. His work pioneering work publishing Product Owner training methods have been used to train thousands of product owners worldwide since 2006.
Robin Dymond lecturing

Robin Dymond CST


Contact us for a quote for onsite Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) training for your team and organization.


Register Now for a public Certified Scrum Product Owner® (CSPO) course.

The CSPO designation is the Agile certification businesses look for when hiring staff to lead new product development efforts. The CSPO is the start of the journey to become successful at Agile Product Management, Lean Startup and is a pre-requisite for a Certified Scrum Professional (CSP).

Yes we provide discounts to groups of four or more and we recommend teams train and learn together. We also will provide the course onsite at your company if you have a group of 10 or more. We can then tailor some of the material and examples so they are more relevant to your situation. Contact us for more information.

We provide discounts for people who sign up early. These seats help guarantee the course will run. You can get the highest discount by signing up more than 30 days in advance.

We avoid cancelling courses, it isn't good for our customers or us, however very occasionally it can happen. Workshops still listed within two weeks of course dates will not be canceled. On the rare occasion that we must cancel a course you have registered and paid for, you will receive advance notice, your payment will be refunded, and we will provide you with a discount for a future course and our sincere apologies.

If you are not satisfied at the end of a course, let us know. We'll work with hard for you to ensure you are satisfied. There's many options so contact us and let us know. You will help us improve.

Innovel will often run both the Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner back to back in the same location. If you register for both courses you can save $200. Check our public course listings or contact us to arrange a back to back CSM and CSPO training at your company.

The vast majority of attendees do obtain CSPO certification. There are a few reasons someone may not achieve CSPO status after a course:

  • They did not meet the trainer’s expectations of attendance so they are ineligible for CSPO status.
  • They did not complete the homework assigned to make up for missed course time to the trainer's expectations.
  • After the training they did not follow directions in the Welcome email from the Scrum Alliance inviting them to set up a profile and accept their CSPO certificate.

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