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Preferred Client Program

We understand your team had specific requirements in mind when choosing Innovel as your training partner this year. Most notably, you were seeking the best timing, cost, and a quality educational experience.

We received excellent feedback from your team, letting us know we achieved these requirements and more. We kept our guarantee and ensured every training session was:

  • fun and informative – using adult learning methods, customized examples, and exercises that both entertain and educate about Scrum methods;
  • small in size – we are committed to the best learning environment, which means an ideal class size of 10-24 students.
  • grounded in expertise – with extensive international Scrum training and coaching experience, our team brings real-world, practical knowledge to your team, enhancing their realistic expectations and capabilities of Scrum implementation.

We intend to continue delivering Canada’s best Scrum training experience for Canadian professionals in 2018. We feel it is important for teams to have consistent training experiences to enhance adoption of Scrum for your organization. With this in mind, we would like to formalize a training relationship with you in 2018 to  ensure new CSM and CSPO participants gain the same training experience as your 2017 participants.

Join our Innovel Preferred Client Program

  • Exclusive training rate, lower than any Innovel publicly posted course rate (including early bird rates).
  • Exclusive only to organizations planning to train 5 or more employees in public CSM or CSPO courses in 2018.
  • Easy registration process. We will create a unique team code just for your organization. Managers or individuals can register online and instantly receive the discounted rate.
  • Many dates available for training. Spring 2018 course dates are posted.
  • Option to pay with a purchase order and company cheque

Preferred Client Training offer:

  • Certified Scrum Master® Public Course Rate: $995 + tax
  • Certified Scrum Product Owner® Public Course Rate: $1195 + tax

(Private training proposals are also available for partners planning to book training for groups of 10 or more in one session).

To participate:

  1. Register with Innovel’s preferred client program. Contact kim@innovel.net to register.
  2. Add Innovel to your company’s preferred vendor program.

Once your company is registered you have until March 31, 2018 to register a minimum of 5 people in order to stay in the program.

Additional Preferred Client Benefits:

Preferred Clients will receive Innovel Insights, curated content that can help your organization improved their business be it with Scrum, Kanban, Facilitation, Lean Startup, Agile Product Management and other techniques that enable innovation.

Preferred Clients will receive advance notice of new products and services that can improve your organization beyond the basics. Below are some of the things we are working on right now.

New for 2018: Advanced Scrum Certification training

In 2018 Innovel will be launching new advanced training, including Advanced certification for the Scrum Master and Product Owner roles, Certified Agile Leadership for executives, and Scaling Scrum, how to work effectively with multiple teams on a single product.

Leverage Agile Coaching to Accelerate your transition

Innovel provides Agile Coaching to help teams and management make the leap from their current way of working to Scrum. While training sets the baseline, there are many challenges along the way, and having an Agile Coach helps your teams change their behaviors, helps your stakeholders understand how to work with Scrum Teams, helps management work on the biggest roadblocks and prevents many common mistakes that will slow down or stall your transition the Agile and Scrum. We provide full time, part time, short term and medium term coaching. Our goal is to accelerate the transition and your learning and then step back while you and your organization take off.

Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing is happening in the U.S.

In 2015 a U.S. client hired Innovel to help them adopt Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing to turn around a plant and its product. That division had just gone through layoffs of 50%. Using Scrum for Hardware this group redesigned and delivered a large new piece of construction equipment in a year, one third of their previous product development cycle time, with higher product quality and high customer satisfaction. Using Scrum for Hardware this group became the lowest cost product development group within this multi-national manufacturer.

Innovel is currently engaged with another client training and coaching teams in Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing in the U.S. and Belgium. By next year we expect these teams will have newly developed equipment in the fields. While we can’t discuss many details, we (Innovel) anticipate our client will achieve a 50% reduction in product development cycle time, increased quality and higher customer satisfaction over their current processes. We would like to help our fellow Canadians implement Scrum for Hardware and manufacturing. If you are interested, give us a call.

Helping Canadians improve their organizations is our priority

Over the past year, Calgary-based Innovel has made helping Canadian professionals a priority. We leverage our international experience working in the US and EU to enrich the learning experience. We look forward to helping your teams and your colleagues innovate and improve their effectiveness with Agile Coaching and Scrum training in 2018.

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