Overview of Lean, Agile Ukraine Gathering Keynote 10/2008
– Agile Ukraine Gathering Keynote 10/2008

This keynote by Robin Dymond discusses Lean in the context of software development, Agile principles and Scrum. Why is lean important and valuable to software development and IT? Why is speed important for a business? How do Lean, Agile, and Scrum relate? How can I apply Lean ideas in my software organization? The slides of course tell less than half the story, but they capture the main points that Agilists should consider when looking to take advantage of Lean ideas.

Innovel Agile 2007 Product Owner Tutorial
– Agile 2007 Tutorial Course

Agile projects demand much from their product owners. This session given at Agile 2007 was created to help product owners who know Scrum become much better at understanding how to maximize value delivered from the team. The session starts with an overview, but the majority of the time working through hands on exercises from a business case through to a first production release. The session looks at business drivers, ROI, Product Backlog development, release planning, re-planning based on new data, and incremental releases. All major learning areas are covered by a tutorial.
Business Case Handout for Agile 2007 Product Owner Tutorial
– Agile 2007 Tutorial Course

Agile Coach Community in a Fortune 200 Financial Services Company
– Agile 2007 Experience Report

As key consultants in Capital One’s transition to Agile methods, Innovel consultants worked with associates to develop the Agile coach (scrum master plus additional skills) community at Capital One. As with leading through any change, adopting Agile takes perseverance, continued reinforcement, and courage. Agile Coaches at Capital One have been able to draw on these requirements for change from a community that emerged as part of our Agile adoption. The concept of a community was new to Capital One and at first, no one truly knew what it meant nor what role each of us played in being part of the community. However, over time our Agile Coach community has grown into an influential body of change agents across the organization that routinely self-organize to address team or organizational initiatives to sustain the change that Agile has started. By creating an environment where true community can exist and grow, you will add an element of sustainability to your Agile adoption and enable continuous innovation for practices and principles.

Agile Metrics and Diagnostics
– Agile 2006 Discovery Session and Experience Report

This is a paper presented at Agile 2006 on Metrics and Diagnostics for an Agile team. It provides a clear perspective on how measurement drives behavior, and what is important to the organization.

Creating metrics or diagnostics for your Agile team? We have created a thinking tool that allows you to evaluate the metric or diagnostic. This template provides a standard way to evaluate measures before you put the effort into collecting them. Thinking tool for creating and evaluating agile metrics and diagnostics.

Lean Agile Paper Airplane Exercise and Facilitator Notes
– Agile 2006 Metrics exercise

An exercise that demonstrates to participants the benefits of the Lean principles of pull, reducing work in progress, and the Agile principles of self organization over task based roles, collaboration, and speed of delivery.

Enterprise Application Development with Agile and .NET
– 2003 Microsoft sponsored MSDN Presentation

Presentation on the turn around of a software startup using Agile methods and .NET. While this presentation covers happenings in 2001 to 2003, many of the themes are universal. Agile methods require changes of both the development team and the business. The rewards for succeeding at this change are fantastic improvements in productivity, team morale, and delivery of product the business can use.

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