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Agile 2007 Day 1

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Agile 2007 Day 1

Today we offered the first public class of our Product Owner Training as a tutorial at Agile 2007. We had 40 people in the 3.5 hour tutorial that was presented by Mark Pushinsky and myself. The session was very well received by the participants, who had a high level of engagement with the exercises and material. The Product Owner Framework developed by Dymond and Pushinsky is based in part on Jim Collins’ fantastic book Good to Great. The Hedge Hog Principle, a foundation for all of the Good to Great companies drives clarity of purpose throughout the business. It gives a single economic metric with which to measure decisions and investment. The business case study includes determining the Hedgehog concept for this business, and using this information to influence the backlog creation process. This innovation, combined with a product owner framework that transitions the business case to a flexible product backlog and release plan allows participants to really get a feel for the decisions that will need to make as Product owners. With less that 40 slides, most of the time is spent working in groups and learning from the hands on exercises. As instructors we try to keep a class engaged with both the material and their colleagues, both within their group and outside of it. The strategy seems to work as their is a clear emotional engagement by the end of the session. We plan to offer this training with additional valuable material in the future, please let us know if you are interested in this training for your customer team. You can find an earlier version of the session materials on the Agile 2007 web site.

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Robin Dymond is the Managing Partner at Innovel. He trains, coaches, advises and helps people who want to make a difference in their organizations with Lean and Agile. An Engineer since 1990, an entrepreneur and Agilist since 2002, he has helped people adopt Agile in small and large organizations in Europe, the US and Canada. Innovel is currently is working with clients applying Agile across a range of business domains including software products in California, financial services in Toronto and equipment manufacturing in multiple US and EU locations. We are specialists who can help you bring Agile to your organization, accelerate your Agile transition and be a guide, reducing the risks to come with trying something new through Agile Coaching, Digital Transformation, Certified Scrum Training®.

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