Scrum Agile Lean and Kanban Training Services

Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing

Manufacturing, hardware development, telco engineering and hard goods are different from software. Scrum can provide excellent benefits to these industries as well, however Scrum for Hardware has significant differences. Learn more about our Scrum for hardware training.

Agile Developer – Testing and QA practices

Learn how testing an Quality Assurance plays a key role in Agile teams.

Lean and Agile Leadership for Managers

Leadership and management in a Lean and Agile organization is fundamentally different then in more traditional hierarchical organizations. Learn the new mindset, thinking tools and hands on practices to lead effectively in a Lean and Agile organization.

Agile Developer – Coding Practices

Create software products in short cycles with confidence. Learn tried and true practices used at Google, Facebook, Salesforce, and a host of other top companies to build software with high quality at high speed.

Lego for Scrum. Simulate. Learn. Design… Repeat.

Implementing Scrum across multiple teams? Test and refine your organizational design and have fun doing it! One of the most impactful multi-team Scrum simulations available today.

Innovel’s Scrum for Teams

Get everyone on the same page with Scrum for teams and staff members. Show staff they matter with training, then they can help figure out how Scrum can improve their work.

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Does Your Team Need Agile Coaching?

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If you or your team have invested any amount of time into understanding Agile or Scrum, you may have realized that learning what to do and actually doing it are far from the same thing. You certainly will have experienced roadblocks if you have attempted adopting Agile or Scrum in an environment burdened with hierarchy,

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Is getting my Certified Scrum Master (CSM®) worth it?

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This is the key question most people need to answer before deciding to take a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) course.What everyone wants to know is “will this really benefit my career?”In short, yes, it will. ​But even though you may feel the course will benefit you, there are still some common objections that may be roadblocks

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Canada’s 150 Celebration Sale!

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Kickstart innovation with Innovel’s Certified Scrum and Agile training this year! If Canada’s first 150 years were built on hard work and resources, we think Canada’s future relies on creating products and services that customers far beyond our borders need and want.   Canada’s future relies on the innovation of its people. Innovel’s Scrum and

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Lessons from a 10-Year Long Product Backlog

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Product Backlog Management Tools: When & Why? I am often asked, “What tool should we use for Scrum?” or “What tool would you recommend for managing a large Product Backlog?” Recently the Product Backlog question came up regarding a tool called CaseComplete, so I’d like to share my experience with managing Product Backlogs in complex

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Complex Project Failures: How Labels, Hierarchy & Ego Create Disasters in Management

I recently read an article and Facebook post that got under my skin. Frankly, as an electrical engineer with 27 years experience in software and product development, a former member of APEGA, and owner of one of those “iron rings”, I disagree with almost everything in The Atlantic’s Programmers: Stop Calling Yourselves Engineers. The article

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Agile Hits the Top 10 on LinkedIn

LinkedIn just released an article on the top career positions based on LinkedIn job posting data in the United States. Leadership roles with Agile and Scrum were in 4 of the top 10 roles. How do you think this relates globally or to the Canadian situation, specifically? If you are a Canadian Agile Leader, pop over

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