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Certified Scrum Master® Training Beyond the Basics

Transform Your Organization, Team or Career Faster, With Globally Recognized Certified Scrum Trainers. 

Innovel Certified Scrum Master® Courses Are Guaranteed...

  • Requirements for certification: Scrum framework, the roles, and the techniques to plan and implement Scrum in your projects. And yes... the exam fee is included! We set you up for success, including a link to complete your exam with Scrum Alliance right after the course completes. 
  • Beyond Scrum basics for rapid innovation & improvements: learn simple, repeatable, and reliable processes & how to deliver working, potentially shippable software, every 1 to 4 weeks. 
  • Smaller class sizes for your best learning environment: we ensure every participant has our attention, time to practice and to ask many questions.
  • Tips to transform your organization (or career): experience how Lean, Agile, and Scrum fit together to form principles, practices, and thinking tools.
  • Fun, interactive and enjoyable: our 2-day workshop style class delivers exactly the information you need with great discussion customized to your needs, Scrum exercises and group-oriented activities to ensure you not only achieve your CSM® but you can apply it.

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$1095 CDN

$1495 CDN

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Nov 2, 3

until Oct 12

Oct 13 to class

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Nov 6, 7

until Oct 16

Oct 17 to class

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Nov 13, 14

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Oct 24 to class

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Nov 16, 17

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Oct 27 to class

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Nov 23, 24

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Nov 3 to class

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Dec 11, 12

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Nov 20 to class

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Dec 13, 14

until Nov 21

Nov 22 to class

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$1095 CDN

$1495 CDN

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Jan 11, 12

until Dec 21

Dec 22 to class


Jan 15, 16

until Dec 22

Dec 23 to class


Jan 18, 19

until Dec 28

Dec 29 to class


Jan 29, 30

until Jan 8

Jan 9 to class


Feb 1, 2

until Jan 11

Jan 12 to class


Feb 8, 9

until Jan 18

Jan 19 to class


Feb 12, 13

until Jan 22

Jan 23 to class


Feb 26, 27

until Feb 5

Feb 6 to class


Mar 12, 13

until Feb 19

Feb 20 to class


Apr 9, 10

until Mar 19

Mar 20 to class


Apr 23, 24

until Apr 2

Apr 3 to class


Apr 25, 26

until Apr 4

April 4 to class

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May 7, 8

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Apr 17 to class


May 9, 10

until Apr 18

Apr 19 to class


May 14, 15

until May 3

May 4 to class


May 24, 25

until May 9

May 10 to class

Don't settle for just any course or trainer for your
professional transition to Scrum and Agile. 

Our Innovel trainers are highly regarded Certified Scrum experts with real world experience in many project management and software methodologies. They have been using Scrum since 2002 and have trained over 4000 professionals throughout Europe, North American and Canada since 2006.


Every Workshop Includes:

  • continental breakfast, lunch and refreshments
  • booklet of course materials
  • soft copy of course materials
  • recommended reading
  • PDFs, videos & links to other sources
  • 2 year membership in ScrumAlliance

Exclusive Activities & Add-Ons:

  • access to CSM exam materials*
  • CSM exam review guide
  • user story writing cheat sheet
  • Innovel static sticky note pad
  • savings on future courses
  • Innovel LinkedIn Forum Access

*requires full attendance & participation

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Innovel Offers Internationally-Acclaimed, Proven Adult Learning Methods

Unlike most corporate training, we use methods that improve retention by stimulating the rational, physical, emotional and social facets of participants. We ensure every course is successful by:

  • Doing activities and lessons customized for every class. We review the needs of registrants and enhance each course with the perfect games, stories, mapping and other activities for best results.
  • Discussing and documenting the needs of those attending, then using real life scenarios you can apply right away. 
  • Collaborating and interacting with your own team members and others in a comfortable manner that encourages shared thinking, learning and creation of solutions. 
Lean Agile Manager Workshop Innovel

Innovel sets you up for CSM exam success and your company up for improvement... on day one. 

I enjoyed the Certified Scrum course delivered by Robin. He is a highly qualified trainer and possesses very good knowledge of Scrum. Robin's style of teaching is very professional and encouraging. I really liked the way he engages the class participants throughout the course by giving them group exercises, games, etc.

Bilal Q, Enmax

Thank you very much for the class. It really helped structuring book knowledge and answer unanswered questions. Our team is very excited about Scrum now and we can see improvements already. That’s so cool!

Dmitry A, MST Global

Robin included interactive exercises that gave us an opportunity to come up with methods for optimizing our teams by serving as Scrum Masters. He provided great tools and coached us on more than just the basics.

Jeff M, Liberty Mutual

Robin has a wealth of knowledge and hands on experience in managing Agile projects. His way of teaching with classroom exercises helps to establish the concepts of Agile and also how they can be applied in the real world. Robin has both technical and teaching skills necessary for the course.

Sudhanshu S, AFSC

I thoroughly enjoyed the CSM training that Robin provided. He really brings industry knowledge to the course so it is not just theoretical. The combination of lecture and exercises were perfect! Well thought out and prepared. I also enjoyed the interaction with other students from various industries. 

Tina F, Sun Life Financial
happy participant lego scrum training
Innovel Lead Trainer & OwnerRobin Dymond, CST

I enjoy using stories, games, interactive learning and real-life scenarios to fascinate managers, executives and teams with the way Agile and Lean can dramatically improve their work and opportunities in their industries. Having created my own software-startups, and as a leader in Scrum, Agile and Lean communities, I deeply value establishing the systems and behaviors that lead to successes to support long-term growth. Having been a trainer for over a decade, I also value the training time and investment students and companies make. At Innovel, we focus on more fun, more retention and more value in every single class. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I beCome certified?
  • Do you have discounts?
  • Will My course Run?
  • Do you have a guarantee?
  • Can i get my cspo too?
  • RISk of not getting certified?

Does Innovel Offer Discounts for Training?

Public Training Group Discounts: Yes, we provide discounts to groups of four or more. We recommend teams train and learn together. Recommend our training programs to your colleagues then contact us for more information.

Private Training Group Discounts: We recommend private training for groups of 10 or more and can arrange a group discount for your team. Private team courses are held onsite at your company for groups of this size. We tailor some of the material and examples so they are more relevant to your situation. Contact us for more information.

Early Bird Discounts: We provide discounts for people who sign up early. These seats help guarantee the course will run. You can get the highest discount by signing up more than 30 days in advance.

Combined Training Discounts: At times we run Certified Scrum Master and Certified Scrum Product Owner training back to back in the same location. If you register for both course you can save $200. Check our public course listings or contact us to arrange a back to back training at your company.