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Certified Scrum Master® Training

Learn Scrum and how to apply it on your projects right away. The #1 Scrum certification led by one of the world’s leading trainers. CSM banner logo

Innovel’s Scrum for Teams

Get everyone on the same page with Scrum for teams and staff members. Show staff they matter with training, then they can help figure out how Scrum can improve their work.

Certified Scrum Product Owner® Training

Learn how to discover and deliver great products to maximize return on investment. CSPO banner logo

Scrum for Hardware and Manufacturing

Manufacturing, hardware development, telco engineering and hard goods are different from software. Scrum can provide excellent benefits to these industries as well, however Scrum for Hardware has significant differences. Learn more about our Scrum for hardware training.

Lego for Scrum. Simulate. Learn. Design… Repeat.

Implementing Scrum across multiple teams? Test and refine your organizational design and have fun doing it! One of the most impactful multi-team Scrum simulations available today.

Lean and Agile Leadership for Managers

Leadership and management in a Lean and Agile organization is fundamentally different then in more traditional hierarchical organizations. Learn the new mindset, thinking tools and hands on practices to lead effectively in a Lean and Agile organization.

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Complex Project Failures: How Labels, Hierarchy & Ego Create Disasters in Management

I recently read an article and Facebook post that got under my skin. Frankly, as an electrical engineer with 27 years experience in software and product development, a former member of APEGA, and owner of one of those “iron rings”, I disagree with almost everything in The Atlantic’s Programmers: Stop Calling Yourselves Engineers. The article

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Agile Hits the Top 10 on LinkedIn

LinkedIn just released an article on the top career positions based on LinkedIn job posting data in the United States. Leadership roles with Agile and Scrum were in 4 of the top 10 roles. How do you think this relates globally or to the Canadian situation, specifically? If you are a Canadian Agile Leader, pop over

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Innovel Announces New Certified Scrum Training Courses in Canada

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I am really excited to be back Canada with public Scrum certification courses, after years honing our private and public Scrum training in international markets. Early bird rates are available and registration is now open in Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Montreal: Certified Scrum Master® – 2-Day Course Certified Scrum Master Plus™ – Day 3

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Team Team Team: Team Building or Team Work?

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Team building or team work? Team building is a bit of a strange idea. Think of the great sports teams or project teams of all time, did they do “trust falls” or high ropes courses for team building? Great teams form when good people learn to work together, to trust each other, and have an

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What is Systems Thinking Leadership?

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The conventional wisdom is that leadership is associated with a role. It is something to be left to Bosses, Managers, and those who have authority. This model worked fine when markets moved slowly and competitors had the same leadership model. Today, business is very different. Markets change very quickly, competitors continually try to take your

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Improve Measurably with Improvement Stories

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One of the continuing challenges we see with some Scrum teams is a lack of improvement in how they work over time. There are many reasons for this, however continuous improvement is the cornerstone of Lean thinking, and the reason we have a retrospective in Scrum. There are many ways to improve. Lean thinkers advocate

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